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  - threading and GC
  - refactoring and translation features
- - discussing about the upcoming JIT, optimizations and stackless features 
+ - discussing/experimenting towards JIT_ and `continuation-passing`_
+   style translation 
 Moreover, we are open to work in other areas that participants are
 interested in.  Please raise topics on the mailinglist_. 
 French websites come from `Lodgis agency`_. They are rather expensive
 but most of the time it can be cheaper than hotels. For the more
 adventurous you can look on the french site pap_ which lists rental
-ads. (select appartements, département=75, arrondissements=15,14,13)
+ads. (select appartements, dĂŠpartement=75, arrondissements=15,14,13)
 For transportation we strongly recommend the public transportation
 (metro and buses).  There are weekly tickets (monday to sunday) from
 .. _`mailinglist`: 
 .. _`PyPy sprint mailing list`:
 .. _`pypy-0.7.0`:
+.. _JIT:
+.. _`continuation-passing`: