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py3k's November update

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+Py3k status update #8
+This is the eight status update about our work on the `py3k branch`_, which
+we can work on thanks to all of the people who donated_ to the `py3k
+Just a short update on November's work: we're now passing about 194 of
+approximately 355 modules of CPython's regression test suite, up from passing
+160 last month. Many test modules only fail a small number of individual tests
+We'd like to thank Amaury Forgeot d'Arc for his contributions, in particular he
+has made significant progress on updating `CPyExt`_ for Python 3 this month.
+Some other highlights:
+* test_marshal now passes, and there's been significant progress on pickling
+  (thanks Kenny Levinsen and Amaury for implementing
+* We now have a _posixsubprocess module
+* More encoding related fixes, which affects many failing tests
+* _sre was updated and now test_re almost passes
+* Exception behavior is almost complete per the Python 3 specs, what's mostly
+  missing now are the new __context__ and __traceback__ attributes (`PEP
+  3134`_)
+* Fixed some crashes and deadlocks occurring during the regression tests
+.. _donated:
+.. _`py3k proposal`:
+.. _`py3k branch`:
+.. _`CPyExt`:
+.. _`PEP 3134`: