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+PyPy - the fastest Python interpreter
+The PyPy project has recently gathered a lot of attention for its
+progress in speeding up the Python language -- it is the fastest,
+most compatible and most stable 'alternative´ Python interpreter.  No
+longer merely a research curiosity, PyPy is now suitable for production
+use. I would like to present PyPy, it's current status, near future goals
+and the general performance Python landscape.
+I've been PyPy core developer since 2006 and presenting PyPy to wider audience
+since 2007. I've been to conferences all over the world, speaking about PyPy
+and other Python topics. This talk will hopefully introduce the conference
+audience to what PyPy is, how to use it in your code and what benefits can
+you expect.


 class Background(ReloadHack):
     def __init__(self):
-        self.fcnt = 0
         self.image = 0
     def update(self, frame):
-        self.fcnt += 1
-        alfa = self.fcnt/(self.fcnt + 1.0)
+        alfa = 0.9
         self.image = alfa * self.image + (1 - alfa) * frame


 In this model there are two kinds of objects. As an object gets allocated,
 it's created as a local object that's only visible to the current thread.
 Local object operations are completely like STM-less operations, the fields
-are just modified.
+are just modified. When object survives 
 Objects are either global (visible to everybody, and read-only), or
 they are local (visible only to the current thread).