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abstract for SEA 2013

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+High performance Python
+I would like to present an intermediate level talk on High Performance Python.
+Python has seen quite a lot of adoption by the scientific community, however,
+the main part of it has been as a glue language. Python is used a lot for
+data processing, driving simulations and presenting, however the main
+part of scientific processing is usually done with Fortran, C or C++.
+Recent advancements in numeric tools available for Python make it feasible
+to develop a prototype in Python and often even leave your entire model
+in Python. I will give a brief overview on available tools, profilers and
+literature how you can achieve that. This talk will briefly cover CPython,
+PyPy, NumPy, Cython, Numba, Numexpr and other available performance-related
+I am a core developer of the PyPy project as well as an implementor of
+the numpy package for PyPy. I have extensive knowledge in profiling
+python software including numeric packages. Furthermore I've implemented
+various tools that simplify profiling.
+The preferred talk length is one hour.