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File sprintinfo/london-2013/planning.txt

 * meditate on benchmarking infrastructure (Richard2, Maciej around) 
+* start branch for Python 3.3
 * review the pypy-pyarray branch
 * general wizardry (Carl Friedrich; Armin)
+* try going back to the empty strategy (Lukas)
+* look at this:
 Discussions planned
-* demo session Tuesday
-* scientific computing roadmap TODAY, Maciek leads discussion
+* demo session Tuesday DONE
+* scientific computing roadmap DONE
 * STM dissemination round
-* JIT optimizer mess
+* JIT optimizer mess DONE
 * roadmap planning
-* do we want pip installed on downloadable pypys?
+* do we want pip installed on downloadable pypys? TODAY after lunch
 * generalize jitviewer to other languages
 * LuaJIT discussion DONE (Tom, Armin, Maciek, Carl Friedrich, Laurie)