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+How to benchmark your programs
+Benchmarking is an important topic for software development. There is a lot
+of research about how to do benchmarks carefully and correctly, however
+a lot of people lack knowledge in this area as well as basic statistics.
+This talk is aimed at sharing my knowledge about benchmarking the PyPy
+project but the lessons learned should really apply to any software.
+People interested in benchmarking. People who have performance problems
+with their code.
+Attendees will learn some basic statistics, how to write benchmarks, how
+to get reproducible data and how to avoid basic pitfalls with benchmarking.
+Detailed abstract
+Benchmarking is hard. This talk is a way to share my knowledge that I
+accumulated over the last few years while benchmarking various programs
+on top of the PyPy project. It'll include benchmarking general programs,
+using PyPy and CPython do get some data and postprocessing data. It'll also
+include a brief guide of stuff I use for visualization.
+1. Intro, PyPy, background, 5min
+2. Background about benchmarking in general 10min.
+3. Commonly used tools. 10min
+4. Questions 5min
+Additional notes
+PyPy benchmarking infrastructure is available under speed.pypy.org