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+NumPy status update #6
+Over the past two months we have made progress, and would like to request your help.
+First the update:
+* **dtype support** - NumPy on PyPy now supports all the numeric dtypes in numpy,
+  including non-native storage formats, longdouble, clongdouble and friends.
+* **missing ndarray attributes** - work has been made toward supporting the attributes
+  on ndarrays. We are progressing alphabetically, and have made it to d.
+* **pickling support for numarray** - hasn't started yet, but next on the list
+More importantly, we're getting very close to be able to import the python part
+of the original numpy with only import modifications, and running its tests.
+Most tests will fail at this point, however it'll be a good start for another
+chapter :-)
+Numpy in pypy could use your help, in spite of the generous donations we have not been
+able to move forward as fast as we wish. Please
+get involved by trying it out, picking a feature that you would love to have, and
+helping us get that feature implemented.
+Matti Picus
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