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Updates, thanks fijal

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 Summary (optimistic)
-* If you are a Twisted developer...
+* If you are using Twisted...
 * Just wait and your program will run on multiple cores ``:-)``
   out of the box
 * ...Because of "conflicts": each event should be "often" independent,
-  but may not be (e.g. because they each incrementing a global counter
-  or similar)
+  but may not be
+* Example: incrementing a global counter, or otherwise changing some
+  global object systematically
 Some work left for you to do
 * Then you need (hopefully small) rewrites to avoid them
+Some work left for us to do, first
+* Additional conflicts come from Twisted itself
+* Example: the logging system, which may need to use queues
+* This means that some of the core Python data structures (dicts,
+  queues...) may need refactorings too
 What is the point?