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py3k status update #10

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+Py3k status update #10
+This is the tenth status update about our work on the `py3k branch`_, which we
+can work on thanks to all of the people who donated_ to the `py3k proposal`_.
+There's been significant progress since the last update: the `linux x86-32
+buildbot`_ now passes 289 out of approximately 354 modules (with 39 skips) of
+CPython's regression test suite.
+That means there's only 26 test module failures left! The list of major items
+remaining for 3.2 compatibility are now short enough to list here, with their
+related tests:
+* Tokenizer support for non-ascii identifiers
+ - test_importlib
+ - test_pep263
+* memoryview (Manuel Jacob's tackling this on the `py3k-memoryview branch`_)
+ - test_memoryview
+* multiprocessing module currently deadlocks
+ - test_multiprocessing
+* Buggy handling of the new extended unpacking syntax by the compiler:
+ - test_unpack_ex
+* The new Global Interpreter Lock and new thread signal handling
+ - test_threading
+ - test_threadsignals
+ - test_sys
+* Upgrade unicodedata to 6.0.0 (requires updates to the actual unicodedata
+  generation script)
+ - test_ucn
+ - test_unicode
+ - test_unicodedata
+* `CPyExt`_
+ - test_capi (currently crashes)
+* Update int's hash code to match to CPython (float's is already updated on the
+  `py3k-newhash branch`_. note that PyPy 2.x doesn't even totally match
+  CPython's hashing)
+ - test_decimal
+ - test_fractions
+ - test_numeric_tower
+* Miscellaneous:
+ - test_complex
+ - test_float
+ - test_peepholer
+ - test_range
+ - test_sqlite (a new cffi based version seems to be coming)
+ - test_ssl
+ - test_struct
+ - test_subprocess
+ - test_sys_settrace
+ - test_time
+Additionally there are still a number of failures in PyPy's internal test
+suite. These tests are usually ran against untranslated versions of PyPy during
+development. However we've now began running them against a fully translated
+version of PyPy on the buildbot too (thanks to Amaury for setting this
+up). This further ensures that our tests and implementation are sane.
+We're getting closer to producing an initial alpha release. Before that happens
+we'd like to see:
+* further test fixes
+* the results of test runs on other major platforms (e.g. linux x86-64 and osx
+  seem to have some additional failures as of now)
+* some basic real world testing
+Finally I'd like to thank Manuel Jacob for his various contributions over the
+past month, including fixing the array and ctypes modules among other things,
+and also Amaury Forgeot d'Arc for his ongoing excellent contributions.
+.. _donated:
+.. _`py3k proposal`:
+.. _`py3k branch`:
+.. _`CPyExt`:
+.. _`linux x86-32 buildbot`:
+.. _`py3k-memoryview branch`:
+.. _`py3k-newhash branch`:
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