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 a talk for that conference we hear is happening quite soon.
+Apart from the presprint, which is already reported, there was an open 
+post-Europython sprint. At the open sprint there were 24 people on the first 
+day and activities happened on may fronts. A large group of people focused on 
+porting PyPy to support Python2.4. This work was 3/4 finished by the end of 
+the sprint. Christian and Jacob worked on support for floats and Jacob did a 
+bunch of work on binascii and related modules. I think there was also a bunch 
+of work going into annotation, translation and the C and llvm backends. Nick 
+worked on his sre Summer of Code project. There was also work being done on 
+the AST compiler.
+People I remember being there: All the regulars plus Anders Qvist and Marius