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+NumPy status update #5
+I'm quite excited to inform that work on NumPy in PyPy has been restarted
+and there has been quite a bit of progress on the NumPy front in PyPy in the
+past two months. Things that happened:
+* **complex dtype support** - thanks to matti picus, NumPy on PyPy now supports
+  complex dtype (only complex128 so far, there is work on the other part)
+* **big refactoring** - probably the biggest issue we did was finishing
+  a big refactoring that disabled some speedups (notably lazy computation
+  of arrays), but lowered the barrier of implementing cool new features.
+* **fancy indexing support** - all fancy indexing tricks should now work,
+  including ``a[b]`` where ``b`` is an array of integers.
+* **newaxis support** - now you can use newaxis features
+* **improvements to ``intp``, ``uintp``, ``void``, ``string`` and record dtypes**
+Features that have active branches, but hasn't been merged:
+* **float16 dtype support**
+* **missing ndarray attributes** - this is a branch to finish all attributes
+  on ndarray, hence ending one chapter.
+* **pickling support for numarray** - hasn't started yet, but next on the list
+More importantly, we're getting very close to able to import the python part
+of the original numpy with only import modifications and running it's tests.
+Most tests will fail at this point, however it'll be a good start for another
+chapter :-)