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beginnings of another py3k update

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+Py3k status update #7
+This is the seventh status update about our work on the `py3k branch`_, which
+we can work on thanks to all of the people who donated_ to the `py3k
+There was an increased amount of activity this month.
+The `py3k buildbots`_ now fully translate the branch every night and run the
+Python standard library tests.
+We currently pass 160 out of approximately 355 test modules, fail 144 and skip
+apprixmately 51.
+o work on dictviews (keys/values/items)
+o _csv
+o more parser fixes, py3 list comprehension semantics
+o 2to3'd most of our custom lib_pypy
+o py3-enabled pyrepl (readline works in the repl!), builtins.input() (pdb seems to work!)
+o py3 round
+o further tightening/cleanup of the unicode handling (more usage of
+surrogateescape, surrogatepass among other things)
+o as well as keeping up with some big changes happening on the default branch
+Finally, I would like to thank Amaury Forgeot d'Arc for his significant
+contributions; among other things, Amaury recently worked on <all kinds of
+stuff listed above>
+.. _donated:
+.. _`py3k proposal`:
+.. _`py3k branch`:
+.. _`py3k buildbots`: