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(everyone) planning for today

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 Remi Meier
 Maciej Fijalkowski
 Romain Guillebert
-Armin Rigo
+Armin Rigo (late)
+Manuel Jacob
 * look at codespeed2
-* resume-refactor branch (rguillebert, fijal)
+* resume-refactor branch (rguillebert, fijal) (PROGRESS)
 * GC pinning
-* asmgcc bug with greenlets and --shared
+* asmgcc bug with greenlets and --shared (FIXED)
 * think about --shared by default
 * CFFI 1.0
-* STM (remi)
+* STM (remi, armin) SOME PROGRESS in transaction breaks
-* discuss about C++ / cppyy (johan, ?)
+* discuss about C++ / cppyy, look into importing pyshiboken (johan pessimistic, ?)
 * ctypes: "array_of_char.value = string": speed up this case
 * ctypes:
 * longs multiplication: patch at
+* look into merging refactor-str-types (johan, mjacob)