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+How I created a proof-of-concept PHP interpreter in 2 months.
+HipPy is a proof of concept PHP VM developed as a research effort sponsored
+by Facebook. Despite only two months of work on it, while not production ready,
+it implements enough of the PHP language to run shootout benchmarks, without
+compromising PHP semantics. Due to usage of the PyPy translation toolchain
+it's also very fast - over 2x faster than hiphop, an optimizing compiler
+from PHP to C++ developed by Facebook over years. I would like to present
+the simplicity of implementation when using the PyPy toolchain.
+PyPy is not only a python interpreter but also a toolchain for creating dynamic
+language virtual machines. In the past we developed a Prolog VM called pyrolog,
+a scheme VM and some smaller ones. External people developed a new VM to
+the converge language which outperformed the C implementation drastically.
+In this talk I'm going to present how much easier it is to use the PyPy
+toolchain than implementing the just-in-time compiler by hand in C or C++.