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 experiments that are documented below.
 The general idea that seems to be worth pursuing would be to implement NumPy in
-RPython (the implementation language of PyPy) and then leverage JIT to achieve
+RPython (the implementation language of PyPy) and then leverage the JIT to achieve
 extra speedups. The really cool thing about this part is that overall JIT
 improvements will benefit NumPy performance out of the box, without extra
 tweaking. As of now there is branch called `numpy-exp`_ which contains a

File sprintinfo/gothenburg-2011/people.txt

 Jacob Hallen         lives there			  no peppers
 Laura Creighton      lives there			  
 Anders Hammarquist   lives there
-Carl Friedrich Bolz  24-30   	     J+L's house	  Vegan
+Carl Friedrich Bolz  24-1   	     J+L's house	  Vegan
 Lukas Diekmann       24-2   	     J+L's house
 David Schneider      26-01            SGS Veckobostader
 Antonio Cuni         26-30          Hotel Poseidon        his own diet :)