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the version i actually sent out now to c.l.python.announce and

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-PyPy Trillke "EU and beyond!" sprints (25th-28th and 1st-5th March 2007)
+PyPy Trillke "EU and beyond!" sprints (25-28th Feb, 1-5th March 2006)
-..                   image:: http://www.trillke.net/images/HausPanorama0304_113kb.jpg
+..    image:: http://www.trillke.net/images/HausPanorama0304_113kb.jpg
 Some two years and some thousands of commits later, the EU
 project period of the PyPy (http://codespeak.net/pypy) project
     Trillke Gut 
     Steinbergstr. 42
     Hildesheim, Germany 
 If you come to Hildesheim main station, take the 
 or - if you have no checkin-rights - post to the pypy-sprint list
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