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File sprintinfo/gothenburg-2003-sprintreport.txt

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 Gothenburg (May 2003)
 The major focus of the sprint was to make the interpreter chain complete. A 
 first goal was to make "Hello world" run and this was accomplished about half 
 way into the sprint. We then proceded to making a more complex program that 
 People I remember being there: Armin, Christian, Samuele, Michael, Alex 
-Martelli, Anna Ravenscroft, Laura, Tomek Meka
+Martelli, Anna Ravenscroft, Laura, Tomek Meka

File sprintinfo/leysin-winter-2006-sprintreport.txt

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 Leysin (April 2006)
 Armin, Arre and Samuele started with 2 days working on the JIT. When others 
 joined the sprint focus changed and there was a bunch of work on fixing 
 translation to work with stackless features and other stuff. There was also 
 People I remember being there:
 Armin, Arre, Samuele, Holger, Michael, Alexandre, Aurelien

File sprintinfo/mallorca/mallorca-sprintreport.txt

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 Christian, Eric and later Jacob started exposing PyPy's stackless 
 features to application level. While doing this they found a few 
 problems in the interp-level code and refactored it a bit. On the second 
-  and third day Christian and Jacob continued with this. They managed to 
+and third day Christian and Jacob continued with this. They managed to 
 expose simple coroutines on Wednesday and are now continuing to create 
 nicer interfaces following the stackless module of stackless Python. One 
 of the problems there turned out to be testing turnaround time, since 
 time to leave this wonderful island (also, it's raining).
-mwh and Carl Friedrich
+mwh and Carl Friedrich

File sprintinfo/vilnius-2004-sprintreport.txt

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 Vilnius (Nov 2004)
 I don't really remember what others did at this sprint, but this is where 
 Laura and I wrote the file I/O handling.
 into C and compute the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and
 Everything (def somefunc(): return -6 * -7).
-Marius Gedminas
+Marius Gedminas