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-Distributed and agile development in PyPy
+Distributed and agile development in PyPy
 PyPy isn't just about producing code - it's also about how we produce code.
 What is a sprint and why are we sprinting?
-Originally the sprint methodology grew used in the Python community from
+Originally the sprint methodology used in the Python community grew from
 practices within Zope Corporation. The  definition of a sprint is "two-day or
 three-day focused development session, in which developers pair off together
 in a room and focus on building a particular subsystem". 
 As always with methodologies you have to adapt them to fit your project (and
 not the other way around which is much too common). The PyPy team have been
-sprinting since early 2003 and have done 12 sprints so far, 11 in Europe and 1
+sprinting since early 2003 and have done 11 sprints so far, 10 in Europe and 1
 in the USA. Certain practices have proven to be more successful within this
 team and those are the one we are summarizing here.
     Amsterdam       Dec     2003
     /Gothenburg     June    2004
-    Dublin          Oct     2004
     Vilnius         Nov     2004
     Leysin          Jan     2005
     Holger Krekel
     Samuele Pedronis
     Christian Tismer
-    Laura Chreighton
+    Laura Creighton
     Jacob Hallén
     Michael Hudson
     Richard Emslie
     Marius Gedminas
     Jesus Cea Avion
     Olivier Dormond
+    Jacek Generowicz
     Brian Dorsey
+    Guido van Rossum
     Bob Ippolito
     Alan McIntyre
     Lutz Paelike