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 Carl Friedrich Bolz  5th-14th       Ermina
 Guido Wesdorp        6th-14th       Ermina
 Leonardo Santagada   6th-14th       Ermina
+Alexandre Fayolle    8th-12th       Ermina
+Sylvain Thénault     8th-12th       Ermina
 ==================== ============== =====================
 People on the following list were present at previous sprints: 
 Michael Hudson       ?              ?
 Anders Lehmann       ?              ?
 Niklaus Haldimann    ?              ?
-Aurelien Campeas     ?              ?
-Alexandre Fayolle    ?              ?
 Lene Wagner          ?              ?
 Amaury Forgeot d'Arc ?              ?
 Valentino Volonghi   ?              ?
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