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 - finish high-level interfaces for greenlets and tasklets (nearly done?)
+- open: performance with GIL threading: 
+  this seems to have improved quite a bit: using our battery of microbenchmarks we
+  now get for a version with GIL threads enabled vs. without::
+        python2.4 ../goal/pypy-c-23188 ../goal/pypy-c-23188-th
+        exe: ../goal/pypy-c-23188
+        exe: ../goal/pypy-c-23188-th
+        ...
+        1.26x slower on test_dispatch.test_dispatch_nop()
+- still to do: release GIL around sys calls
 - open: free threading
-- open: performance with GIL threading
 - open: tasklet pickling
 Compiling double use (PyPy+CPython) extensions