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 from 1pm, so if somebody wants to work in the afternoon, he has to
 go to one of the small rooms)
-pairing wednesday
+pairing friday
+Compiler issues: adrien, arre
+ootypes: boris, michael, bert, (arre), (armin), (samuele)
+LLinterpreter requirements + plan: carl, holger, (armin), (samuele)
+compliancy testing on compiled PyPy, getting py.test to run on compiled PyPy:
+    anders, {christian}, [armin]
+- (improve refcounting)
+implementing the socket module: amaury, valentino
+working on an RPython Numeric module: ludovic, andrew
+experiment with callgraph analysis to reorder source code: Christian
 stackless/cps:   (same group continues, "re-"pairing inside)
     christian, armin