extradoc / sprintinfo / ireland-2006 / announce.txt

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
bea avatarbea
updated with changes regarding workshop and tutorial timing
Maciej Fijalkowski avatarMaciej Fijalkowski
Added my and mwh's booking
Samuele Pedroni avatarSamuele Pedroni
bea avatarbea
Added some more accommodation info plus minor food info. I think we can ship this announcement and update webnews on and codespeak.
holger krekel avatarholger krekel
refined announcement
bea avatarbea
clarifications regarding dissemination at the sprint, added XXX. I called the people (Lorraine, Eoin) to chase for accommodation info - will email them again and chase them tomorrow....
holger krekel avatarholger krekel
incorporate some more details for ireland sprint
holger krekel avatarholger krekel
make it clearer that the first day is only planned roughly yet.
holger krekel avatarholger krekel
a first draft of the ireland sprint announcement
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