extradoc / sprintinfo / paris-2005-planning.txt

Paris sprint planning 

Times (proposal): 

    10:00 - 20:00   core sprinting time 
    10:30 planning session 
    ca. 01:00 pm lunch time 

thursday: breakday  (for some of us: eu-consortium meeting) 
(during the breakday the big room will be needed for the meeting
from 1pm, so if somebody wants to work in the afternoon, he has to
go to one of the small rooms)

pairing friday

Compiler issues: adrien, arre

ootypes: boris, michael, bert, (arre), (armin), (samuele)

LLinterpreter requirements + plan: carl, holger, (armin), (samuele)

compliancy testing on compiled PyPy, getting py.test to run on compiled PyPy:
    anders, {christian}, [armin]

- (improve refcounting)

implementing the socket module: amaury, valentino

working on an RPython Numeric module: ludovic, andrew

experiment with callgraph analysis to reorder source code: Christian

stackless/cps:   (same group continues, "re-"pairing inside)

    christian, armin 
    Valentino, Amaury 
    Adrien, Anders 
(see stackless status text 

andrew/michael: powerpc-backend   (getting there, continues)

bert, samuele, boris, arre, aurelien: different specialization to more HL-backends
(defined the "ootypes" model, like the "lltypes" but more OO-ish; will start
to work on the ootyper, as a branch of the rtyper for now; same group continues
and has split in two subgroups soon -- annotator and ootyper.)

llinterpreter:  Carl, (Armin later) 
(starting on the data model of the ll flow graphs, continues)

next status meeting: fri 10:30

later wednesday: 
discussing compiler & phase 2 work/tasks for the sprint WP09/WP10 

on friday:

   * short presentation from logilab/dfki about logic programming/AOP
   * (maybe) presentation about GC work during Summer of Code

people present 

andrew thompson 
michael hudson

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