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NumPy status update #6


This is the last two months update of the activities on the NumPyPy project.

First the update:

  • dtype support - NumPy on PyPy now supports all the numeric dtypes in numpy, including non-native storage formats, longdouble, clongdouble and friends.
  • missing ndarray attributes - work has been made toward supporting the attributes on ndarrays. We are progressing alphabetically, and have made it to d.
  • pickling support for numarray - hasn't started yet, but next on the list
  • There has been some work on exposing FFT routines into numpypy.

More importantly, we're closing on being able to run the pure-python part of numpy without modifications. This is not getting us close to passing all the tests, but it's a good start.

The most important part is the funding. While we managed to get a significant amount of money in donations, we only managed to spend around $10 000 from it so far. XXX

Cheers, Matti Picus, Maciej Fijalkowski

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