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extradoc / sprintinfo / berlin-2008 / planning.txt

Berlin Sprint 

People Present:

 - Carl Friedrich
 - Toon
 - Armin
 - Peter
 - Karl
 - Camillo
 - Stephan
 - Alexander
 - Maciek
 - Felix
 - Samuele
 - Adrian


 - gameboy emulator translation DONE
 - adding sdl bindings to rpython (Camillo, Stephan) MORE PROGRESS: mouse movement works now too 
 - django porting: using django with sqlite-ctypes works (Samuele, Maciek)
                   90/200 tests failing
                   more robustapply work: turned out to be an sqlite problem
                   dictionary subclassing: found the problem, unclear how to fix
 - making sqlite-ctypes work on PyPy DONE
 - hybrid-io-improvements branch: discussions happened
 - work on SPy, decide about the branch (Toon, Carl Friedrich) IN-PROGRESS
   work on sanitizing the spy shadow branch
 - complete Stackless interface
   work on channel preferences DONE
   some cleanup needed DONE
 - discussion about composable coroutines DONE
 - discussions/starting on separate compilation
 - discuss our own GCs and threads
 - discussion about the JIT
 - trying to run Zope 3 a bit (Armin, Peter)

  - work on PyPy's JIT generator: we are refactoring parts of the
    compiling logic, in ways that may also allow generating better
    machine code for loops (people or aliens with knowledge on
    compilers and SSA, welcome)

  - trying some large pure-Python applications or libraries on PyPy and
    fixing the resulting bugs. Possibilities are Zope 3, Django and