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extradoc / sprintinfo / october-2008 / cz-info.txt

Decin is a small town at the entrance of Ceske Svycarsko (czech side of
Sachsische Schweiz or Saxon Switzerland).

How to get there: Easy. 1:30 train from Prague or 1h train from Dresden.
Goes quite often.

Czech republic (at least countryside) is a fairly cheap place,
Example prices:

Beer in pub - 25 kC (1 euro)
Dinner - 100-150 kC (4-6 euros)
Rooms - from 10 euros to 40, depends on hotel class. probably one can find
something even cheaper.

Possible sprint venue - hotel Ceska Koruna Decin. They want us to pay
at least 150 kC per person per day in order for a room to get for free.
This is roughly less than 7 euros, which covers more or less coffee and
snacks for whole day.