extradoc / sprintinfo / gothenburg-2011 / people.txt

People coming to the Gothenburg sprint April 25 - May 1 2011

People who have a ``?`` in their arrive/depart or accomodation
column are known to be coming but there are no details 
available yet from them.

==================== ============== ===================== ==================
    Name              Arrive/Depart     Accomodation       Food
==================== ============== ===================== ==================
Jacob Hallen         lives there			  no peppers
Laura Creighton      lives there			  
Anders Hammarquist   lives there
Carl Friedrich Bolz  24-1   	     J+L's house	  Vegan
Lukas Diekmann       24-2   	     J+L's house
David Schneider      26-01            SGS Veckobostader
Antonio Cuni         26-30          Hotel Poseidon        his own diet :)
Armin Rigo           23-02            SGS Veckobostader
Hakan Ardo	     24-27	      ???
Romain Guillebert    23-03           ???               
Dario Bertini	     23-02	     ???		 no alcohol, cheese
                                                         sliced meat

Kristj�n Valur J�nsson 27-1	
==================== ============== ===================== ==================
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