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extradoc / sprintinfo / LouvainLaNeuvePlan.txt

Sprint Planning

Here is a list of things we might want to do at one of the next sprints.  
Currently it's roughly what is left over from the last sprints. 

- do more tests (eternal goal)

- Fix XXX-marked things  (eternal goal)

- enhance StdObjSpace, define goals and achieve them

  - support the objects we see falling back to CPython.
  - more builtins.
  - more things from sys.
  - dict object/type 
    - Hash table based implementation of dictionaries?
  - list object/type   
  - write a small tool that checks a type's methods of
    CPython against PyPy
    (Jacob, Laura)  done

- go through the wiki and clean up "stale" or old pages

- implement the beginnings of a C code generator. the basic idea 
  is "abstract interpretation"....

- discuss funding and future organization issues


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