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Nothing official, but as I'm stting here waiting for the others to
arrive, I thought I'd wirte a little bit about what we did yesterday
(all my own opninions and recollections, corrections welcome :-).

The people present and hacking were: Armin, Samuele, Christian,
Holger, Michael, Anders (C) and Anders (L).

We started by writing:


(which actually started as a mail Armin sent to pypy-dev a week or so
ago, and was edited during the day to reflect progress).

Then in a pretty informal way we paired or tripled up and got
cracking.  Generally speaking, it was encouraging how quickly everyone
became productive, it says good things about the current design of
codebase (and also indicates how much work there is left to do...).

Almost all of the work happened at the rtyper level:


that sits between the annotator and the language backends.

Samuele and Michael mostly worked on string operations in rpython,
implementing conversions from ints to strings and limited string
formatting operations, did a couple of easy builtins and worked out
which were going to be hard.

Anders (L) and Christian worked mostly on rpython lists and tuples,
and also did string slicing.

Anders (C), Holger and Armin mostly worked on rpython dictionaries
(the ones that will hold keyword arguments during argument processing,
among a few other things), and nearly finished it.

Right, the others are hear now, so it's time to start hacking again...


Yesterday was less obviously productive than day 1, possibly because
you now have to go quite a lot higher up the tree to find the lowest
fruit by now...

Arre and Holger finished off string-keyed dictionary stuff.

Anders and Samuele did the list builtin.

Armin and Michael did isinstance.

Michael and Armin wrote some grotty float parsing code and removed the
only use of the float builtin on a string (if anyone has some nice and
less numerically naive float parsing code or wants to write some, feel
free -- it's a fairly self contained task).

Christian worked on reducing the use of import * in rpython/ (though
really we should have less 'from module import thing ... thing' and
more 'import module ... module.thing', but this still an improvement).

Holger and Armin removed some of the uses of dictionaries in the
to-be-translated code.

Michael and Samuele implemented a very limited str for instances.

Arre and Anders implemented a 'unicode character' for the rtyper and c

Michael and Samuele investigated issues preventing the translation of

Holger and Armin worked on functions like Cache.getorbuild which need
to be treated specially by the annotator and rtyper (because the
'build' part is not allowed to happen at runtime).

Then Michael, Samuele and the two Anders went to a midsomar party, and
at 1pm the day after, Samuele hasn't been seen since...

Yesterday was another good day at the pre-EP sprint.

We mostly started by polishing stuff from the day before -- unicode
characters, pre-built caches.

Holger and Michael removed by writing boring code a use of
specialize:memo we weren't feeling intelligent enought to support in
the rtyper.

Armin and Anders made yet another pass through the list of partially
supported 'builtins'[1] and made some decisions about whether support
should be removed, finished or ignored for now.

The we had bit of a planning session and decided that (Christian and
Arre) and (Anders and Armin) would pair on supporting builtins and
Holger, Samuele and Michael would work on translator issues.

Holger and Michael implemented for the C translator the few remaining
unsupported float operations the rtyper could emit.

Arre and Christian implemented a few more operations on rdicts.

Armin and Anders worked on the list of builtins in the usual fashion:
sometimes removing code now deemed to be not rpython, sometimes by
removing special-casing code that was no longer necessary and
sometimes by adding code to the rtyper.

Holger, Michael and Samuele attempted to translate demo/bpnn.py and
fixed the problems they ran into; this included obscure behaviour when
the rtyper hit code calling a statically known bound method of a
Constant, the same when the Constant was of a class that was only seen
by the RTyper as a class of such a Constant and not elsewhere.

Holger and Armin refactored some of the rtyper code in the area of

Michael and Samuele fixed some broken code in the c translator in the
area of calling C functions not implemented by us.

Anders with help from Armin implemented is_true for PBC and fixed some

Holger and Armin implemented yet another sort of dictionary:
'constant' dicts that are built at initialization time and only
queried thereafter.

Then we called it a day and went for dinner.

Today, we plan to carry on the above and do a little planning for the
post-EP sprint (which I won't be at, as I'll be involved in the
much-more-entertaining task of moving house) and maybe, maybe, writing
a talk for that conference we hear is happening quite soon.


Apart from the presprint, which is already reported, there was an open 
post-Europython sprint. At the open sprint there were 24 people on the first 
day and activities happened on may fronts. A large group of people focused on 
porting PyPy to support Python2.4. This work was 3/4 finished by the end of 
the sprint. Christian and Jacob worked on support for floats and Jacob did a 
bunch of work on binascii and related modules. I think there was also a bunch 
of work going into annotation, translation and the C and llvm backends. Nick 
worked on his sre Summer of Code project. There was also work being done on 
the AST compiler.

People I remember being there: All the regulars plus Anders Qvist and Marius