extradoc / sprintinfo / heidelberg-people.txt

.. _`Heidelberg Sprint`: 

People coming to the `Heidelberg Sprint`_ 

People who have a ``?`` in their arrive/depart or accomodation
column are known to be coming but there are no details 
available yet from them. 
=================== ============== =====================
       Name          Arrive/Depart Accomodation 
=================== ============== =====================
Armin Rigo          21st-30th Aug  Hotel Ibis
Samuele Pedroni     20st-30th Aug  Hotel Ibis 
Carl Friedrich Bolz 21st-29th Aug  private 
Niklaus Haldimann   21st-29th Aug  private 
Eric van Riet Paap  22nd-28th Aug  private 
Holger Krekel       21st-28th Aug  private 
Richard Emslie      22nd-29th Aug  private
Beatrice Duering    21st-30th Aug  Hotel Ibis 
Jacob Hallen        20st-30th Aug  Hotel Ibis
Laura Creighton     20st-30th Aug  Hotel Ibis
Ludovic Aubry       21st-28th Aug  Hotel Ibis
Anders Chrigstroem  20st-30th Aug  Hotel Ibis
Christian Tismer    21st-27th Aug  Hotel Ibis
Anders Lehmann      22st-29th Aug  Hotel Ibis
=================== ============== =====================
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