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PyPy EuroPython 2005 sprint planning (1st-7th July)

overall time planning:: 

    1st-3rd July (both including) we sprint at Chalmers from 10am-open 

    4th July is "break" time, afternoon visiting sites together? 

    5th July sprint from 10am-open at Laura's house 
             (Goetabergsgatan 22)
    -7th sprint continues from 10am-open at laura's house 

3rd July evening: Going to Hitchhikers Guide? 

1st July start at 10am:: 
    - holger starts the session 

    - introduction to PyPy 
        high level architecture (Armin or Holger?)

    - introduction to Annotation + RTyping?  (Samuele or Armin)
        working on examples

    - introduction to LLVM2 + status 
        Carl, holger

    - status of Parser efforts

    - introduction to GenC + status

other suggested events:: 
    3rd July 5pm: Bert talks about Squeak's VM architecture 

we decide about pairing at the venue (after everybody tells 
what he/she is interested in). These are the people expected currently:: 

    Carl Friedrich Bolz   until 5th afternoon
    Richard Emslie        whole-time (until 10th)
    Armin Rigo            whole-time  
    Anders Chrigstroem    whole-time (likely) 
    Anders Qvist          whole-time (likely)
    Holger Krekel         whole-time 
    Jacob Hallen          whole-time
    Christian Tismer      whole-time 
    Laura Creighton       whole-time
    Samuele Pedroni       whole-time  
    Eric van Riet Paap    until 8th 
    Bert Freudenberg      whole-time

    Beatrice Duering   (visiting, 5th-)

Translation tasks 

* fix floats::
    - objspace/std/floatobject.py needs some clean-ups:
      look for XXX, for %reimplement% and for all try:except: blocks.

Move to Python 2.4.1

* revert 'bisect' module to the 2.3 version (or 2.5)

* revert 'heapq' module to the 2.3 version (2.5)

* check that test results page still works (and fix) after
  we merged 2.4.1 branch 


* (medium) write a tool that discovers which revision of the pypy tree 
  broke the high level annotator (in that it produced SomeObjects). 
  Consider distributing the actual annotation to multiple hosts. 

* (Christian, cfbolz) (medium) finish objspace/std/longobject.py.
  - (MOSTLY DONE) div implementation (christian, jacob)

* fix Windows-related issues

* '%'-formatting rounding errors  (  '%.3f' % (2.999999,))

* (mostly done) add missing docstrings on app-level built-in types and 
  functions, etc. (Laura): there now is a program that generates the 
  docstrings into the appropriate places but it needs prettification. 

Rewriting important C functionality in Python 

* parsing/compiling  

    * (PROGRESS): translate to C (fix annotation problems by either
      tweaking the code or extending the annotator on 
      a case-by-case basis).  
      - (DONE) Parser is fully annotable
      - not translated and run in C, yet. 

    * (DONE) parser integrated in PyPy ("py.py --pyparse" for
      non-interactive usage), needs more testing. 

    * (progress, Ludovic, Adrien) try to make 2.4.1 compiler 
      package work for PyPy and using the parser. 
    * move towards a rpython compliant (translatable) compiler 

* rewrite in Python a C module you are familiar with
  (partial list of missing/incomplete modules: math, array (Nik),
  regular expressions (Nik))

* DONE: binascii implementation, needs more tests 
        (but compliancy tests already pass) 

* implement Python 2.3's import hook extensions (zip-imports etc.)

* (hard) weakrefs (but this requires discussion and planning on pypy-dev
  before the sprint! feel free to start such a discussion, though.)

LLVM Backend

- (PROGRESS) make prebuilt values work 

- implement exceptions  

after 9am at Lauras place: 
Niklaus, Adrien, Arre, Christian, Ludovic, (Samuele and Eric for a bit), 

next sprint: in heidelberg end of august: very likely 22nd-29th August 
(Carl will try to fix this until 15th July) 
next sprint after that: supposedly in Paris, no dates yet