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  • me - Maciej Fijałkowski, PyPy core developer
  • technology - PyPy
  • project - PHP interpreter

Wait, what???!!!1

  • PHP - by far the most popular language on the web
  • PyPy - proven technology for speeding up Python
  • examples who can gain: wikipedia, facebook, wordpress....

Current landscape

  • Zend - a simple, bytecode-based interpreter
  • HipHop - PHP to C++ compiler, facebook project
  • HHVM - successor to HipHop, JIT-based, also facebook

Current benchmarks landscape

  • benchmarks are hard
  • a set I've seen is mostly numeric or language shootout
  • not very representative
  • HipHop is 2-4x faster than Zend, HHVM 40% faster than hiphop
  • no real-world PHP benchmark suite (a la


  • fast interpreter for a python language
  • but also, a toolchain for constructing interpreters
  • comes with a just-in-time compiler

More about PyPy

  • implementation language of PyPy is RPython
  • RPython is a subset of Python
  • RPython can be compiled statically to C


  • ... but also can have just in time compiler generated for

More about RPython

  • a great language for writing interpreters


Introducing hippy

  • PHP interpreter written in RPython
  • bug-to-bug compatible with Zend
  • interpreter + just in time compiler (for free)
  • preliminary study sponsored by facebook
  • good preliminary performance results

PHP is hard

  • crazy standard library


  • function calls by name
  • *args equivalent, apply equivalent, etc.
  • crazy reference semantics
  • copy-on-write and refcounting

... but getting it fast is easier

  • we do have a JIT as soon as we write an interpreter
  • PyPy has really good technology

Basic construction

  • interpreter loop
  • standard library


  • typical stuff

Web server integration

  • PHP is very request based with throwing out all the data in between
  • we want to persist as much as possible
  • various optimizations possible

We're hiring

  • want to work on something obscure and challenging?
  • with smart people?
  • talk to me or Armin