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extradoc / sprintinfo / hildesheim2-planning.txt

PyPy Hildesheim2 sprint planning (25th-31st July) 

overall time planning:: 
    25th full sprint day 
    26th full sprint day 
    27th afternoon break
    28th morning break 
    29th full sprint day   # (compliance test decision)
    30th full sprint day 
    31th more or less full sprint day 

    each day:  
        9-10 AM breakfast
        10:30 planning session 
        evening: dinner 

    Carl Friedrich Bolz   
    Richard Emslie        
    Armin Rigo            
    Holger Krekel         whole-time 
    Christian Tismer      whole-time 
    Samuele Pedroni       whole-time  


* -> TRACKER write a tool that discovers which revision of the pypy tree 
  broke the high level annotator (in that it produced SomeObjects). 
  Consider distributing the actual annotation to multiple hosts. (holger)

* -> TRACKER: (mostly done) add missing docstrings on app-level built-in types and 
  functions, etc. (Laura): there now is a program that generates the 
  docstrings into the appropriate places but it needs prettification. 

Current Main task: RTYPER issues

- do we want to continue to work with the snapshsot? does it make sense
  during the sprint?
  decision: during the sprint use directly the trunk, mail pypy-dev 
  about this (holger, samuele)

- we want to work on pypy/translator/goal/ISSUES.txt


    Samuele, Carl Friedrich (progressing on External functions) 
    DONE: refactored math and os function out of annotation/builtin and
    rpython/rbuiltin into the extfunctable, implemented some
    math.*, os.* functions. fixed os.stat

    Open issues:
    - DONE (for C) RPython string -> C null-terminated string 
      conversion. The null termination char is not there!
    - DONE (__builtin__/* don't raise, the rest does)
      The flow space kills exception handling for built-ins,
      this is not what we want e.g. for os.* functions;
      decide new criteria. Maybe only for thing in __builtin__
      or list only the built-ins we want exception handling 

    - DONE finish os.path.exists and os.path.isdir support

     (Armin, Carl Friedrich)

    Armin, Christian (random RTyper problems)
    DONE: down to override:cpy_stablecompiler,
    up to wrap/unwrap issues related to faking.
    The hope is that we can get rid of faking.
    DONE Completing marshal, made it into a mixed-module
    that can be geninterped.
    (chris wishes to redo it in interplevel)

    DONE modulo some problems.
    Inconsistency about problems on different machines.
    PYC still untested. More tests needed.
    Plan: enable pyc loading to bootstrap compiler
    at app-level (Christian, Richard)
    Choose a PYC file version for PyPy (2.4.1)
    Using this version is ok, because our compiler
    exactly produces these. The extra functionality in
    our marshal is not related to magic numbers.

    Richard, Holger (getting rid of faked files) 
    DONE: importing uses only os.* functions at
    interp-level. With --file option sys.std*
    use our own app-level implementation of files.
    --file is on by default now when translating
    Remaining problem list:

    - Samuele, Holger
      make py.py --file --nofakedmodules work
      (crashes somehow)

    - Samuele, Holger
      allways enforce geninterping of marshal, maybe
      similar to what we did with exceptions

    - Samuele, Holger
      primitive math is done. Implement applevel math,
      have many tests.

    - Samuele, Holger, transitional
      unify the way stdobjspace is configured.
      the basic objspace configuration interface
      becomes a set of keyword arguments. The current
      command line arguments will be mapped onto this
      This also includes configuration of which modules
      should be loaded.

    - Samuele, eleumaS
      extend the testing framework to allow to specify
      a space with options for a test. Related to the latter.

    - Holger, Armin
      bug to be fixed: applevel test stdout is no longer

    - Armin, and everybody else, please
      run translation and try to avoid any faking at all.
      An example where it still happens is EllipsisType
      which gets wrapped by geninterplevel.

    - Richard, Chris
      Choose a PYC file version for PyPy (2.4.1)
      Using this version is ok, because our compiler
      exactly produces these. The extra functionality in
      our marshal is not related to magic numbers.

    - Richard, Chris
      track down remaining .pyc file issues.

Concerning the sync meeting of tomorrow, and given that
we stop working this afternoon, we agreed now for
tomorrow, that Anders should be asked to work on the 
complicancy test failures.