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PyPy Cape Town Sprint Oct 7th - Oct 21st 2012

The next PyPy sprint will be in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a
public sprint, suitable for newcomers. It starts a couple of days
after `PyCon South Africa`_, which is on the 4th and 5th of October.
This is a relatively unusual sprint in that it is hosted halfway
across the world from where most contributors live, so we plan to
spend some time during those two weeks doing sprinting and some time
doing touristy stuff. The goals for the sprint are general progress
and whatever people are interested in.

.. _`PyCon South Africa`:

Possible topics:

* PyPy release 2.0

* running your software on PyPy

* work on PyPy's numpy (status__)

* work on STM (status__)

* JIT improvements

* any exciting stuff you can think of

If there are newcomers, we'll run the usual introduction to hacking on

.. __:
.. __:


The sprint will be held either in the apartment of fijal, which is in
Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, or in the offices of the Praekelt
Foundation, located in Woodstock, Cape Town. The Praekelt Foundation
has offered to host us, if needed.

Cape Town, as a very touristy place, has tons of accomodation ranging
in quality from good to amazing. Depending on the sprint location you
might need a car.

Good to Know

You probably don't need visa for South Africa -- consult Wikipedia.
South Africa is a lovely place with lots of stuff to do. You can see
penguins, elephants, lions and sharks all on one day (or better yet,
on multiple days).

There is a wide selection of good restaurants within a reasonable
distance of the sprint venue (depending on the venue, either walking
or driving).

The power plug is some weird derivative of an old-english standard,
but adapters are easily acquired.

Who's Coming?

If you'd like to come, please let us know when you will be arriving
and leaving, as well as what your interests are. We'll keep a list of
`people`_ which we'll update (or you can do so yourself if you have
bitbucket pypy commit rights).

.. _`people`:
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