extradoc / sprintinfo / hildesheim2-planning.txt

PyPy Hildesheim2 sprint planning (25th-31st July) 

overall time planning:: 
    25th full sprint day 
    26th full sprint day 
    27th afternoon break
    28th morning break 
    29th full sprint day   # (compliance test decision)
    30th full sprint day 
    31th more or less full sprint day 

    each day:  
        9-10 AM breakfast
        10:30 planning session 
        evening: dinner 

    Carl Friedrich Bolz   
    Richard Emslie        
    Armin Rigo            
    Holger Krekel         whole-time 
    Christian Tismer      whole-time 
    Samuele Pedroni       whole-time  


* -> TRACKER: (mostly done?) add missing docstrings on
  app-level built-in types and functions, etc. (Laura): there 
  now is a program that generates the docstrings into the 
  appropriate places but it needs prettification.  (christian)

Current Main task: RTYPER issues

Remaining problem about pyc files::

    The inconsistency problems are more or less solved now,
    but PYC file support is disabled at the moment because
    it is just too slow in general.

    Bootstrapping is right but messy.  Christian will rewrite
    marshal at interp-level at some point.

    We won't use PYC file support for translate_pypy anyway.
    We will construct and initialize the object space just like now,
    and then import at app-level the 'compiler' package, and finally
    patch the executioncontext.compiler to use this 'compiler'
    package.  The resulting object space is what translate_pypy is

    Ultimately the compiler and marshal should both be at
    interp-level anyway.


    - bug to be fixed: applevel test stdout is no longer

    - running translate_pypy!

    - finish and polish and test our own posix module

    - try to plug in niklaus' sre implementation

    - write an answer eMail/FAQ entry

    - finally start with garbage collection (CF)

    - investigate the possibility of translating the interactive part of PyPy
      or alternatively (probably preferably) running it completely at applevel

    - working on LLVM (need to contact Eric on LLVM)

    - rewriting the marshal module on interplevel


basically everyone should keep an eye on targetpypymain, in the meantime
working on a subtask..

  - samuele, carl friedrich: garbage collection

  - richard: plugin in sre

  - christian: rewriting marshal

  - armin, holger: applevel stdout

  - armin: write nik mail, fix the entrypoint