extradoc / sprintinfo / cern2010 / planning.txt

 - nicer python interface (Carl Friedrich, Wim)
 - fix Makefile generation (Armin, Anto)
 - set up tests correctly, use ROOTSYS if it is there (Anto, Armin)
 - genreflex whacking (Anto, Armin)
 - data members
 - passing and returning objects to C++ (Carl Friedrich, Wim)
 - garbage collection?
 - tons of details

Detailed TODO list:

 - Deal with opened cpplibs: ownership and possible offloading 
 - Interacting of cache from a get_cppclass-like UI and gbl getattr
 - Need a "counter" mixin baseclass for memory tracking
 - Better error reporting when overloads fail