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extradoc / sprintinfo / ddorf2009 / planning.txt

people present:
  - Armin
  - Samuele
  - Carl Friedrich
  - Maciek


  - directly call assembler for residual portal calls POSTPONED
  - compress the virtuals part of resume data more (Samuele, Carl Friedrich) POSTPONED
  - try to do something non-insane about Python-level exceptions IN-PROGRESS (Maciek, Armin)
  - make the assembler produced by generate_failure smaller POSTPONED
  - put the class into the structure to get only one promote when using an
  - look into failing pypy-c-jit apptests, pypy-c-jit translate.py POSTPONED

  - write blog post DONE

  - at the end of the sprint, migrate tasks to jit.txt DONE


 - JIT introduction Monday 17.00
 - py.test update Thursday 15.00
 - discuss benchmarking a bit