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Topics and goals


 - Tracker-gardening
 - Review the cpython regression test suite (skips/failures)
 - think about/remove orphaned parts

Discussion topics (dynamically scheduled):
 - discuss callback mechanism for rffi/lltype/ll2ctypes DONE, minutes missing
 - discuss approaches for extension modules DONE
   (probably Armin, Maciek, Alexander)

 - discuss Q/A (Holger, Samuele, Carl Friedrich) DONE
 - discuss how to deal with the windows situation

 - write blog posts (carl friedrich; maciek, samuele to review)

Translation toolchain

 - refactor rffi header, sources, includes management MORE PROGRESS (maciek,
   alexander, armin)

 - py-lib 0.9.1 release?

 - tried to translate PyPy with LLVM DONE

 - some more work on cleaning up the startup process DONE

 - fix windows compilation: rffi-platform checks have problem, which are being
   approached now

 - find out why our memcpy behaves so erratically
   GCC behaves very erratically, so we won't work on this for now

 - finish rctypes removal DONE

 - raw_malloc should be split, rffi one should not use obmalloc (it's
   not thread-safe)

 - delegate finding type stuff like vtables etc to GC, cleaner interface
   for rtti, simplify translator/c/ (carl friedrich, samuele to discuss)
     - kill opaque hacks in the C backend 

 - cleanup and rclass stuff and remove the ability to make cpython
   extensions, just dll DONE
 - update gencapicall impl

 - clean up the tangle of including headers in the C backend

 - kill half concrete wrapper
 - review pdbplus, especially the graph commands, also in the light of and the fact that we
   can have more than one translator/annotator around (with the

 - llvm profiling (richard)

 - fix generational GC bug? (armin, maciek)

 - general wizardry (samuele)


 - there's a shadow tracking bug it seems

 - fix the taint space

 - fix the thunk space

 - review the things implemented at applevel whether they are
   performance-critical IN-PROGRESS: moved super, classmethod, statimethod to
   interplevel, some dict methods, property
   to be done:  exceptions?

 - remove prebuilt costate vars  (christian, armin?) STARTED

 - trying to port only the fixes of __future__ imports to dist (arre,


 - Take a look at module failures on Mac OS X (_socket)


 - start writing real unit tests for the merging logic

Discussion issues

 - app-level ctypes
 - separate compilation