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Sprint report Limerick sprint, Ireland 21-27th of August 2006

Location: University of Limerick, Computer Science building, Limerick, Ireland
Participants: Armin Rigo, Samuele Pedroni, Michael Hudson, Holger Krekel, Anders Chrigström, 
Majiek Fijalkowski, Beatrice Düring

The goals of the sprint was to focus on JIT compiler works, various optimization 
works, porting extension modules, infrastructure works like a build tool for 
PyPy, or extended (distributed) testing.

What _really_ happened was:

* core optimizations (mwh):

  - (done) did a lot of profiling, main finding: GC 
  - optimising GC: (done) by mostly just collecting less often :-/
  - experiment with optimising builtin lookups 
    e.g caching method lookups or callback-dict
  - remove the zeroing assumption (more should be
    done on this)

* ext compiler - maybe a topic for the weekend 

  - first machine code generation tests are passing 
  - (samuele, arre) produce machine code in-memory from running the generated CFGs
  - (michael, arigo) implement more of the interface to generate I386
  machine code; maybe think about refining the interface (also
  considering a PPC asm backend)
* distributed testing
  (maciej, mick)
  more or less done, but many things : 

      - use "/usr/bin/rsync" to sync to remote 
      - master does collection of items 
      - "leaf" items are asynchronously send to "Executors" (running on nodes)
      - super-simple reporting 

  (next) boxing of processes to catch stdout, segfaults, etc.
  (next) http server interface to running tests
  (later) make more test options work, e.g. --pdb, --view...

* (mick, maciej) writing more JS examples

  (arigo) wrote a generic interface that works via greenlets or threads interchangeable (svn/user/arigo/hack/pypeers/bluesock.py)