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Leysin Internal Winter Sprint (3-9 April 2006)

The next PyPy sprint will be in Leysin, Switzerland, for the second
time.  Its main focus is progressing in the core PyPy areas.  This
sprint is "internal" in the sense that we would like to concentrate on
areas that are not terribly newcomer-friendly, so prior knowledge in
PyPy is definitely required.  (A priori, it is not closed to people
outside the "official" core developers group, though.)

Goals and topics of the sprint 

It so happens that the sprint goals can be summarized in two opposite

1. Have fun in winter sports.  There is plenty of snow this year,
   so skiing will still be great during the sprint.  For non-skiers,
   there are many winter things to do: walks, ice skating, sledge
   and other forms of downhill gliding, etc...  The idea would be to
   reserve several days for this; ski days end around 4pm, which
   still leaves plenty of time for hacking.

2. Progress on the "core" areas that are critical in our EU-phase-2:
   JIT, GC, Tasklet pickling, rctypes, (logic if Logilab people are
   here).  More specific goals are not necessary: in most areas we
   will just continue the on-going effort from wherever it is at the

Location & Accomodation

Leysin, Switzerland, same place as in January 2005.  Let me refresh your
memory: both the sprint venue and the logding will be in a very spacious
pair of chalets built specifically for bed & breakfast:  The place has a baseline ADSL Internet connexion
(600Kb) with wireless installed.  You can of course arrange your own
lodging anywhere (you cannot be more than a 15 minutes walk away from
the sprint venue), but I definitely recommend to lodge there too -- you
won't find better sights anywhere else (though you probably won't get
much worse ones easily, either :-)

I made pre-reservations in the Chalet, so please *confirm* quickly that
you are coming so that we can adjust the reservations as appropriate.
We get 2-persons rooms for 60 CHF a night all included, with breakfast.
There are larger rooms too (less expensive, possibly more available too)
and the possibility to get a single room if you really want to.
Depending on availability we might have to juggle a bit dynamically.

Please register by svn:

Exact times

Officially, 3-9 April 2006.  Both dates are flexible, you can arrive or
leave earlier or later: I don't expect this to be a problem in such
internal sprints.