extradoc / sprintinfo / leysin-winter-2007 / planning.txt

Full commit

 * Antonio
 * Leonardo
 * Guido
 * Maciek
 * Armin
 * Michael
 * Arre
 * Samuele
 * Carl Friedrich
 * Laura
 * Jacob
 * Alexandre
 * Sylvain
 * Niko
 * Eric


 * Holger



* "virtual frames" (Samuele, Arre): funfunfun. basic test is working,
  manually written virtualizable structs can be change within the jit-generated
  code and the changes are seen from outside. 
  some more tests pass. easy part of the hard part is about to start.

  - write a small interpreter that shows the performance problems without having
    to use the full pypy

  - actually implement support for this in the rtyper and the jit...

* have register allocation: IN-PROGRESS: redesigned the
  backend interface a bit, adapted all the backends to the changes. Michael
  started completing the PPC backend, but is getting annoyed
  Armin did more work on register allocation on i386

py.test and the py-lib

* polish the code and documentation of the py lib, and eventually
  release it MORE PROGRESS

* integrate api-doc and source-viewer on the py-lib web-page
  SLOW PROGRESS on rewrite the page generation to produce HTML directly
  (Guido, Maciek)

* use source-viewer on more code? pypy? IN-PROGRESS

* debian packaging for the py-lib: DONE (need to port changes)

* (provide code search facility)

* detailed (and shrinking) TODO list in py/documentation/TODO.txt

interpreter prototypes

* discuss the status of the various prototypes (coordinated by arre?)

* think especially hard about persistence

* discuss fallback possibilities if py.execnet cannot run on pypy-c

* (maybe try the taint object space on a cgi example + write some docs?)

Integration and Configuration

* actually use the build tool during the sprint: FIXED SOME SMALL THINGS

* think about py-lib and pypy debian packaging

* document in some detail the configuration

* integrate wp9, wp10 work?

* web frontend on the build tool


* progress on the JavaScript interpreter (Leonardo, Maciek): IN-PROGRESS,
  the JS intepreter translates. There is now an interactive interpreter.
  for loops, enough parsing machinery for EcmaTest

* Java backend: lot of random problems fixed, test_class, test_pbc, test_list,
  test_dict run completely. external functions, test_rdict are next!

* investigate why the annotator fails when doing --faassen with gencli?!
  (Anto, general wizards around) (same bug than in the build tool)

* discuss refinement interface for external functions SOME PROGRESS: annotation
  part is mostly done (Maciek,  Michael)

* (make py-lib run on pypy-c) PROGRESS: the compiler problems are fixed

* "shadow tracking" (Carl Friedrich, Samuele), DONE

* progress on the LLVM JIT code generator. PROGRESS: fixing operations of the
  LLVM codegen (Eric, Armin)

* progress on the translation of the parser branch (Adrien remotely, Sylvain,
  Michael around)

* add an option to to give a name to the executable (Alexandre,
  Carl Friedrich)

Report outline writing

 * Guido, Carl Friedrich, Alexandre: WP13 DONE
 * Guido, Carl Friedrich, Maciek: WP2
 * Arre, Maciek, Armin, Anto: WP12
 * Michael, Samuele, Carl Friedrich?: WP6 DONE

Discussions during the sprint

* eu meeting: thursday 5pm
  - status and plans for wp6 and wp12
  - wp9 + wp10 + wp11 discussion
  - eu-report meeting

* pycon talk discussion

* release plannings: saturday 5pm

* pypy and py-lib debian packaging discussion: thursday morning 11am
  (Michael, Alexandre, Carl Friedrich, Sylvain)

* there is the idea of doing a game evening friday