extradoc / sprintinfo / leysin-winter-2008 / planning.txt

Task ideas

 - skiing/snowboarding/snow hiking: IN-PROGRESS

 - try getting debug information in the Java class files DONE

 - benchmark the size of the young nursery for generational GC
   DONE, the result still is that picking half the L2 cache
   size for the nursery sounds good

 - look at the RPython microbenchmarks for Java
   DONE, fixed sized-lists are slow
 - work on CTypes
   more general non-progress
   nested structure and arrays of structure support in rawffi DONE

 - callbacks in rawffi

 - write tests for GIL handling in callbacks in rffi (maciek)

 - think about summarizing test outcomes

 - JVM integration (probably only when Anto is here)

 - does JPype support reflection? (Paul, Anto around)
   wrap it into an rlib module

 - look at the CLI integration on the clr-module-improvements/ branch and
   maybe improve/merge it? Some problems left: newly loaded assemblies are a
 - implement fixed-size lists as arrays in the ootypesystem (Carl Friedrich,
   Toby) IN PROGRESS, jvm backend supported, more minor problems
   java bytecode verifier complains
 - give a JIT code walkthrough DONE

 - give a JIT promotion walkthrough (Armin)
 - start writing more unit-style tests for the JIT (Armin, Carl Friedrich,

 - ported some JIT tests to ootype
 - explore the parsers a bit DONE

 - hack a bit on an AVM backend (Toby, Maciek)
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