extradoc / sprintinfo / mallorca / Paris_mini_sprint_report.txt

Mini Sprint report Paris January 23-27

Logic programming

Aurelien and Anders worked the whole week on trying to understand how Oz/Mozart 
works. After a lot of trials they achieved in implementing:

    Aurelien had already made basic single assignment store.
    The store was completed (with tests)
    They made the basic infrastructure for computation spaces based on the store.
    From Logilab they stole and adapted code for the FiniteDomain, Constraints and 
    On the computation space they implemented the semantics of Choose, Commit, Ask 
    and Clone.
    Some experiments on making these constructs concurrent were made (not finished).
Aspects and contracts

Annotation and cleanup/refactoring of the grammar/parser.

Research of different implementations of aspects and contracts. One reference is here_

.. _here: http://aosd-europe.net/documents/aspLang.pdf
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