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Preliminary plan for WP9 and WP10

WP9 Logic Programming and Semantic Web

   - logic programming is one of the few missing programming paradigm in Python
   - this way of programming greatly benefits from multiple threads/coroutines and can be
     simplified using a few extra language constructs
   - among the domains benifiting most from logic programming are most AI engines
      (prolog, implementing OWL, SQL like languages)


  - Add hooks to the parser/compiler allowing syntax modifications at runtime (Logilab)

  - Investigate using continuations to implement blocking on undefined Logic variables (DFKI, Logilab)

  - Investigate adding prolog style logic constructs

  - Investigate different search algorithmes to solve logic problems

  - Implement OWL parser/inferer on top of logic constructs (DFKI)


  - Implement a subset of prolog 

  - OWL parser based on logilab.constraint integrated with rdflib

  - Constraint solving on top of continuations

WP10 Aspect Oriented Programming 

  - AOP is a way to describe and implements plugging of software behavior on specific
    parts of a program
  - The thunk object space is a  trivial example of applying an aspect to a regular object space 


  - Implement Aspects on AST nodes (using hooks from WP09)
     - formally describe a node selection/transformation mechanism