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Trillke Sprint 2007 Planning

People present: Michael, Arre, Stephan, Anto, Guido, Armin, Maciek, Bea, 
                Samuele, Georg, Alexander, Holger, Carl Friedrich, Anders

post-eu funding planning at 16.30, Sunday

Tutorial: Georg, Anders DONE

 * prepare the post-eu funding planning meeting
   (Carl Friedrich, Holger, Samuele)

 * think a bit about what needs to be done for 1.0

 * move some of the external functions to the new interface
   IN-PROGRESS, but as good as it's going to get during the sprint

 * fixing translation of the taint space IN-PROGRESS

 * Fix the rdict bug DONE

 * fix the new rdict bug
 * run application on top of PyPy and turn them into benchmarks: Guido,
   - templess is now a pypy benchmark (5-6x)
   - docutils is now a pypy benchmark (5-6x)
   - gadfly is working with old-style classes
      - some progress on making it work with new-style classes

 * object optimizations: ropes, list optimizations, cuckoo hashing,
   tree-based dicts: after the tutorial, Holger, Armin, Carl Friedrich, Georg
   - ropes BUGGY (but not so slow any more)
   - chunked list DONE (but slower)
   - multilist not broken any more DONE
   - O(sqrt(n)) DONE but is slow and uses too much memory
   - move string interpolation to rpython IN-PROGRESS (Holger, Stephan)
   - chained hash table, DONE (two times slower on micro-benchmarks)
   - discuss global dict lookup ideas PFFFF
   - improve getattr chains DISCUSSED (Anto, Holger to write it down)

 * improve the error messages of the rtyper

 * improve setups of temporary test directories

 * benchmarking: make nice graphs out of benchmark results IN-PROGRESS
   (Michael, Holger)

 * hunt the strange speed bottleneck of gencli: DONE
    - wrote RPython microbenchmarks in the process

 * fix application-level stackless code: DONE

 * improve greensocks

 * have a minimal readline support for history and line editing: DONE
   - get completion working

 * fix the javascript backend work in internet explorer: IN-PROGRESS
   (Guido, Maciek)

 * make the usage of the js backend nicer SOME PROGRESS (Guido, Maciek)

 * discuss code sharing between the js backend and gencli: DONE

 * make genllvm less of a FrankenBackend (Richard, half of Michael)
   - ripped out old code
   - worked in the direction of supporting rctypes

 * moved remaining useful stuff from translator/asm to jit/codegen/ppc

 * use "const" for immutable structures

 * have a pypy with a gil and threading that works

 * object-level locking for a gil-less pypy: boehm seems to be a problem

 * use no locking, multiple interpreters and shared memory instead of
   object-level locks

 * solved some of the issues in the tracker: -m working, <Ctrl>-C works
   better, preventing changes to builtin types DONE

 * start supporting __index__ IN-PROGRESS
   (Georg, Alexander, Anders, help from Armin)

 * re-think the interface of composable coroutines
   (Armin, Christian, Stephan)

 * incorporate Richard's rsocket changes (Arre, Richard)

 * kill strdict, move normal dicts to the attic, keep only multidict
   (Carl Friedrich, ...)