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Come see us at PyCon 2012

PyCon 2012 is coming up in just a few short months, and PyPy will be well represented there. We'll be delivering a tutorial, two talks, plus we'll be around for the sprints.

Here are the abstracts for the tutorials and talks:

  • How to get the most out of your PyPy, by Maciej Fijalkowski, Alex Gaynor and Armin Rigo: For many applications PyPy can provide performance benefits right out of the box. However, little details can push your application to perform much better. In this tutorial we'll give you insights on how to push PyPy to it's limits. We'll focus on understanding the performance characteristics of PyPy, and learning the analysis tools in order to maximize your applications performance. This is the tutorial.
  • Why PyPy by example, by Maciej Fijalkowski, Alex Gaynor and Armin Rigo: One of the goals of PyPy is to make existing Python code faster, however an even broader goal was to make it possible to write things in Python that previous would needed to be written in C or other low-level language. This talk will show examples of this, and describe how they represent the tremendous progress PyPy has made, and what it means for people looking to use PyPy.
  • How the PyPy JIT works, by Benjamin Peterson: The Python community is abuzz about the major speed gains PyPy can offer pure Python code. But how does PyPy JIT actually work? This talk will discuss how the PyPy JIT is implemented. It will include descriptions of the tracing, optimization, and assembly generation phases. I will demonstrate each step with a example loop.

If you have any questions let us know! We look forward to seeing people at PyCon and chatting about PyPy and the entire Python ecosystem.

See you there, Maciej Fijalkowski, Alex Gaynor, Benjamin Peterson, Armin Rigo, and the entire PyPy team