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PyPy success stories

Regular readers of this blog know the great progresses that PyPy achieved in the past few years in terms of speed_, stability, and adoption.

All of this has been made possibile thanks to the help of the Open Source community, but also thanks to the German and Swedish governments, which funded us through the Eurostars programme. This let some of us core developers work full time on PyPy for the past two years.

Our participation to Eurostars is ending in August, and at the moment we are exploring several different ways of funding PyPy through other sources. We will write more about that in the next days. During this process, it is important to show that PyPy has stopped being "just" a research project, but that it is also a robust and solid solution for industry.

We would like to write a list of "PyPy success stories", and thus we ask for your help:

  • if you are already using PyPy in production;
  • if you are actively testing PyPy on your codebase;
  • or even if you are simply considering switching to PyPy and experimenting with it;

in those cases, please let us know about it. We would like to know which company you work for, what are you using PyPy for, and why you decided to switch to it. Ideally, we would like the permission to publish this information and share it with the public.

If for any reason you cannot or do not want to make this public, we are still interested in hearing about you. In that case, don't hesitate to contact us privately - we will not publish your data. But we have potential sponsors who are intersted in supporting PyPy, and showing them a list of companies that are using PyPy (+ 3 anonymous ones in the financial services sector) is almost as good as showing them a list with all the company names filled in. What they are looking for is evidence that PyPy is not a research toy, but of actual use to industry.

Please take the time to respond either as a comment to this blog post directly, or byt sending email to the `pypy-dev`_ mailing list or by writing a private email to me (`Antonio Cuni`_) or `Laura Creighton`_.

We hope to hear about lots of PyPy success stories. Remind that the more of them we collect, the easier for us to find sponsors to fund further development of PyPy! And, of course, if any of you are interested in _becoming_ one of these sponsors, we would like to hear about that, as well.

Thanks very much (in advance) for all your help, Laura and Anto (for the entire PyPy team)

Eurostars programme :