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Report back from our survey

Hi all,

I'm here to report back the results of our survey. First, we're very pleased to report that a number of you guys are happilly running PyPy in production! Most (97%) of the respondants using PyPy are using it because it's faster, but a further 26% (respondants could choose multiple answers) are using it because of lower memory usage. Of users who aren't using PyPy, the most common reason was C extensions, followed by "Other".

From reading the extra comments section there are a few things we've learned:

  1. Google docs needs a better UI for this stuff
  2. A huge number of people want NumPy and SciPy, it was easily the most requested C extension (25% of respondants said somthing about NumPy). We've already blogged on the topic of our plans for NumPy.
  3. Having packages in the various OS's repositories would be a big help in getting users up and running.

A huge thanks to everyone who responded! Finally, if you're using PyPy in production we'd love to get a testimonial from you, if you're willing to spare a few minutes to give us a quote or two please get in contact with us via our mailing list.

Thanks, Alex