extradoc / minute / packaging-meeting-2007-01-11.txt

PyPy and Py-lib Debian packaging meeting

 - Alexandre
 - Sylvain
 - Michael
 - Carl Friedrich (minutes)

The Py-lib

Basic package is working, some patches necessary.

 * greenlets only on platforms where they are supported

Open issue:
 * should the unittests be in the package?
   yes, since it does not cost much and is actually easier than removing them



 * pypy-dev
 * pypy-lib
 * pypy-docs
 * binary packages (pypy-stackless, pypy-logic, pypy-jit) using the C backend

 * get dependencies right
 * pypy-dev:
     * run
         * what to do with the targets?
         * would be nice

 * required (things to run
   * Python
   * py-lib

 * recommended (for
   * pypy-doc
   * pygame
   * python-dev
   * gcc
   * mono
   * boehm
   * graphviz
   * python-ctypes
   * spidermonkey
   * common lisp (which one?)
   * jasmin (in suggested?)
   * llvm?
   * libbz2-dev
   * ctypes

Solved problems:

 * pypy/_cache is symlinked to /var/pypy_cache (or whatever)

still to do:

 * rewrite getting started to work with debian

Issues to fix in PyPy:
 * maybe remove the logic object space target?

 * what do to with geninterp (in general)
 * be able to specify an executable name for
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