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pypy-sync developer meeting 28th July 2005

         Samuele Pedroni, Armin Rigo, Anders Lehmann, 
         Holger Krekel (minutes), Richard Emslie 
         Christian Tismer, Eric van Riet Paap (posted
         info after the meeting)
Regular Topics 

- roll call. holger opens the meeting. 

- activity reports (3 prepared lines of info). 
  All Attendees submitted activity reports (see `IRC-Log`_ 
  at the end and 'LAST/NEXT/BLOCKERS' entries in particular)

- resolve conflicts/blockers
  No conflicts were discovered. 

Topics of the week

codespeak migration planned early august 

There is a migration of to new hardware and
a new hosting environment planned beginning of August. 
Make sure that you are subscribe to `codespeak announce`_ list. 

.. _`codespeak announce`:

re-assigning tasks (related to NEXT activities)



closed at 1:10 (because we were mostly sprint-people on 
the pypy-sync channel anyway) 

.. _`IRC-log`: 

Here is the full IRC log:: 
    hpk well, ok, i guess we start (and make it quick)
    hpk here is the agenda: (...)
    hpk roll call
    hpk activity reports
    hpk resolve conflicts/blockers
    hpk codespeak migration
    hpk re/assigning work tasks
    hpk let's start with activity reports in this order hpk,aleale,arigo,pedronis,rxe,stakkars
    hpk LAST: hildesheim2-sprint orga + participation
    hpk NEXT: hildesheim2-sprint, codespeak migration
    hpk BLOCKERS: too many issues and unanwsered mail
    aleale  last week: worked on math (superseeded by the sprint), compliance tests
    aleale  next: compliance tests
    aleale  blockers: Mac os x unfamiliarity
    arigo   DONE: fixed remaining TyperErrors, helped in removing faking
    arigo   NEXT: try translating PyPy
    arigo   BLOCKERS: -
    pedronis    Last: work on rtyping PyPy, sprint
    pedronis    Next: sprint, after depends on sprint results
    pedronis    Issues: umphishness
    rxe LAST: sprint: start getting rid of fake files / various importing problems
    rxe NEXT: more sprint stuff
    rxe BLOCKERS: none
    -->|    __alex (~alex@ has joined #pypy-sync
    stakkars    DONE: fixing many bugs, pyc file stuff, which turns out to be slow
    stakkars    NEXT: continue on translation (and maybe write interplevel marshal in spare time)
    stakkars    BLOCKERS: we have waytoo much applevel code, which strikes back, now.
    hpk ok, then it appears we have no conflicts
    hpk so only topic is: codspeak migration
    hpk most of you know alreada that beginning of august there is a codespeak hardware/hosting migration planned
    hpk (make sure you are subscribed to codespeak-ann (announce list)
    hpk then: that ends the ritual this time!
    hpk see you next week
    aleale  bye

    ericvrp2    hi richard, did I miss the action?
    rxe yes - short and sweet. :-) do you have 3 lines to paste?
    ericvrp2    Last/current: holiday/llvm exception handling
    ericvrp2    Next: impl. some llvm external functions
    ericvrp2    Blockers: none